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Great weapon to have in your armoury

”If you are thinking of getting your radio operators licence Wilco Radio for Pilots is a great weapon to have in your armoury.”

John Pasztor, 16 Jul 2021

Confidence inspiring

”Learning to use the radio can be as daunting as learning to fly. Wilco Radio helps by using real-life situations to introduce the correct radio procedures. By repeating these scenarios it enabled my confidence to grow. I now have much less anxiety about my RT and look forward to zone transits and MATZ penetrations.”

Ian, 12 Jul 2021

Excellent getting even better

”This app excels from the off, easy to use, easy to configure and active devs who have clearly put a lot of thought into the app. Bodes really well for the app, a really good tool for the inexperienced and nervous, once none transponder equipped radio is in there aswell it will help those of us without.”

Darren Clare, 11 Jul 2021

Very impressive - a great training resource

”I'm really impressed - this is a great training resource, and a lot more engaging than reading a book. It'll help a lot of new (and experienced) pilots improve their radio technique.”

William Dowty, 16 Jun 2021

Very good idea

”Very good idea for people new to aviation - or even converting.”

Matt Murphy, 16 Jun 2021

Useful to students and qualified pilots alike

”Really enjoying the programme. It is obvious that a huge amount of work has going in to it. It will be useful to students and qualified pilots alike.”

Oliver Prince, 11 Jun 2021

Fantastic concept

”Hi, first couple of times using - fantastic concept, keeping fingers crossed for you.”

Adam Chazanow, 9 Jun 2021

Learn radio skills - the easy way

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No credit card required - start with a free trial.

Your free trial will get you started on your journey to becoming a pro communicator.

You'll be able to practice basic radio procedures with an AI bot, such as a Radio Check, Departing an Aerodrome, get a Basic Service etc.

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Earlybird Lifetime Deal

Earlybird Lifetime Deal

A special introductory launch offer for our newest members.

    100% Lifetime access to Wilco Radio... pay once and use throughout your flying life, as much or as little as you want.

    Learn & practice official aviation radiotelephony, including aerodrome, enroute and emergency procedures.

  • SAVE £££s
    Costs less than a single hour of tuition from a radiotelephony instructor, saving you time and money.

    Suitable for everyone, including trainee pilots, the newly qualified, and experienced pilots alike.

    Perfect for practice and revision for FTROL Radiotelephony exam.

    Full access to the aviation radiotelephony library keeps your skills sharp.

    Procedures and guidance updated immediately when CAP413 changes.

    Interactive radiotelephony scripts written by the Senior FRTOL Examiner at the CAA.

    Practice with an interactive AI Bot, using ANY aircraft/aerodrome.

    Member resources, downloads and tools to help you communicate like a pro.

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