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Learn CAP413-compliant pilot radiotelephony quickly and easily with our interactive AI training platform.

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Learn aviation radiotelephony the easy way

Wilco Radio is the next generation in aviation radiotelephony training.
Using AI Voice Bots, we help you become proficient with official CAP413 phraseology.

CAP413 standardisation

Wilco Radio is an innovative learning platform that lets you learn and practice standard aviation radiotelephony... by the book

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Prepare for your radio licence

It's also the perfect learning platform to get you trained and ready for the FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence).

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No more fluffing your calls

Practice standard radiotelephony with an intuitive, interactive AI Bot, making it a safer alternative to learning whilst flying.

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Learn faster

Learn & practice CAP413 radiotelephony

Wilco Radio helps you learn, practice, and fine-tune your Aviation Radiotelephony skills, by using AI Voice Bot rather than a human being.

So, no more fluffing your lines when talking with a ground operator.

Official Phraseology

Learn clear, concise radiotelephony techniques that comply with the UK Radiotelephony Manual CAP 413.

AI Voice Bots

Practice communications skills with an artificially intelligent bot, rather than a real person.

Scenarios & Procedures

Choose from a wide range of customisable scenarios and procedures to practice your radiotelephony.

Customisable Features

Choose from a range of aircraft and airfields - choose your own aircraft, callsign & departure/destination airfields.

Learn Phraseology

Pilots often shy away from using the radio because they're unfamiliar with the correct phraseology. Make that a thing of the past.

Radiotelephony Classroom

We don't just show you how to talk on the radio - we give you training resources to guide you through the whole process.

Monitor Your Progress

Study radiotelephony at your own pace - we'll tell you how you're getting on towards becoming a professional radiotelephonist.

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Discover what's under the hood with a no-obligation free trial to find out how Wilco Radio can fine-tune your radiotelephony.

More on the Way

There's so much more coming shortly, including knee-pad templates, video interviews, FRTOL exam preparation quizes.

Everything you need to learn aviation radiotelephony

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Every procedure covered

Whether you're preparing for your FRTOL licence or want to brush up your pilot radiotelephony skills, we've got you covered.
Aerodrome/Airport Radio Procedures


Learn and practice the full range of aerodrome radio procedures for ground movement, including:

  • Radio Check
  • ATIS Broadcast
  • Aerodrome Departures/Arrivals
  • Safetycom
  • Go Around
ATC/Enroute Radio Procedures


Become confident using the different enroute radio procedures available from ATS units:

  • FIS Basic/Traffic Service
  • CTR/CTA Transit
  • MATZ Penetration
  • Danger Area Crossing
  • Position Reports
Emergency/Mayday Radio Procedures


Learn how to communicate effectively in the event of an emergency or urgent situation:

  • Mayday Distress Call
  • Relayed Mayday Calls
  • Pan Pan Urgencies
  • Training Fix
  • Cancelling Emergency Calls

Become CAP413 proficient

Practice and perfect CAP413 aviation radiotelephony procedures with a AI Bot instead of a real human being to help you overcome your nerves when talking to a real ATCO.

Aircraft Radiotelephony Training Platform

Customise your aircraft, departure and arrival airfields

Go ahead and customise your aircraft and airfields for a truly realistic experience, which really brings radiotelephony alive. No two lessons need to be the same!

Customisable Flight Radio Training

Prepare for your FRTOL Examination

Wilco Radio follows CAA CAP413 procedures - by the book, making us the ideal platform to learn and prepare for your FRTOL Exam (Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence).

Prepare for your FRTOL Radiotelephony Exam

Become a safer, more confident pilot

With airspace infringements rising, now is the perfect time to learn aviation radiotelephony skills that will make you a safer, and more confident pilot.

Customisable Flight Radio Training

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Chris Haycock and Andy Moon

For pilots, by pilots

Wilco Radio is brand, spanking new. In fact, we launched publicly just 410 days ago, and we're SUPER EXCITED about introducing you to our aviation radiotelephony training platform.

Founded by two pilots and pro-communicators, Andy Moon (senior FRTOL Examiner) and Chris Haycock (ex-RN Radio Operator), it's our goal to help you become proficient and confident with radiotelephony.

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